5 Foods That Boost Libido In Men

Men always want their sex drive to be higher as they feel is the only key after the size of the penis that makes their partner happy and more satisfied. To increase their size and performance, men usually workout a lot as they can be the best way to increase the stamina in them.

Improved Sex Drive

Other men who have reached in their mid-30s and 40s usually feel that their libido has gone down due to many other reasons. These men try various things to restore their horsepower again that leads to happiness and full satisfaction.

Men after workout tend to take help of supplements that can help increase their testosterone hormones and increases their nitric acid in them that leads to better sexual performance in bed. But wait, you can restore your sexual drive through these food items too.


Watermelons have 92 percent of water and the remaining percent full of nutrients that helps in your sexual performance. The researches have found that watermelons can have the effects same as Viagra on the men’s body that boosts their blood vessels, helping them with longer erections and improves libido. A phytonutrient called citrulline is present in this fruit that helps boosting nitric oxides levels in the body and acts like Viagra on men.

2. Black Raspberries

Both seeds and berries helps enhancing mood in men that encourages a healthy performance in the bed. Black raspberries are rich in phytochemicals that boosts sexual endurance and libido in males. Health experts advise that eating a handful of black raspberries before getting busy helps your performance to stay longer, harder and improves the endurance.

3. Eggs

Try whichever form of egg such as fried, poached, deviled or scrambled, in the end, you can receive an amazing result in the bed. According to the studies, eggs are rich in proteins that can boost stamina in men and sheds some calories. Eggs are a very good source of amino acid L-arginine that also treats erectile dysfunction.

4. Saffron

Saffron is said to improve your sexual performances by increasing your stamina and libido. Saffron can also help enhance mood in men that can lead to satisfying sexual drive. The compound called carotene crocin present in saffron can help in increase in sexual desires. Saffron can cure the sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, lower libido, and impotence.

5. Cloves

Researches have shown that cloves can help increasing the body temperature and blood flow in the body.  Cloves improve the energy levels and helps giving satisfying sexual drive. Clove increases the testosterone hormones and prevents premature ejaculation. In traditional Chinese medicines, cloves were one of the best ways to boost sexual performance and enhances the immune system.


As you are always finding your solutions in pills and supplements, it is best that you give a try on natural things available for you that can help you with your longer run. Though the supplements and pills are as effective as the natural materials available, these food materials can help restoring your libido faster and for a longer period.

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